By Ariel McLain, Garrett Morgan School of Science, Cleveland, OH

HAZING!!!! Commonly known as a traditional activity for a group, club, or sorority
initiation. You might recognize it when you see that one person behind the football team,
carrying their books, or someone wearing an embarrassing outfit. You just thought about it,
didn’t you? You probably laughed at that person. Well guess what, that was the point.

By Hetty Bai

Lumbering through thickets of dry, summer flora, my thirteen-year-old braces-baring acne-spotted self raced to the tennis courts. With sweaty palms and a giddy spirit, I was nervous and excited to finally join the high school tennis team. The team would be my first introduction to future classmates, and my first sense of belonging as a freshman.

By: Colin Schlank

I cannot count how many times I have asked the following question amidst the past four years of my life; what can I do to stop hazing? This single question has left me confused, angry, disillusioned, and ultimately inspired to make a difference in the world. I hope that by sharing with you my story, you too will be inspired to make an impact in your community.

By Adam Mercier

The picture still hangs on my wall – our 2015 swim team, all huddled around for a group picture, to be given to each senior on the team. As I look across the panorama, I pause on each teammate’s face and remember each by name. But as I remember, I also wonder – how did we get to be such a tight-knit family? Just then, our chant comes back to greet me – “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”. This is our team’s, no, our family’s, only welcoming ceremony – a simple phrase that contains immensely deep meaning.