Here's the schedule and links to resources for #NHPW22. We hope you will Take the Pledge, participate in the activities, and share the resources provided.

Monday, Sept. 19, 4:30-6:00 PM EDT 

Archie Messersmith-Bunting, M.S., MHFA, founder of Archie Cares, LLC, will present “If Everyone is “Fine” – Then What’s Wrong with Me?" In this lively, moving and insightful program, Archie will shed light on how hazing impacts mental health. Don't miss this important presentation!

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Awareness Day & Movie Night - Organize a "Take the Pledge” campaign and spread awareness by hosting a movie viewing. Click the link for hazing related movie titles and share details with your friends

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Stronger Together! Help HPO in its efforts to end hazing by becoming #StrongerTogether. Consider hosting a team building activity that allows everyone to participate and feel included. Suggested activities include the following:

 Campus/City Wide historical tour or downtown walking, find fun things. Represent #NHPW22 by wearing purple. Come up with tasks/activities that include inclusivity/team building. Students can record completed tasks on their cell phone as proof.

 Set up an obstacle course where students must team up and work together to get through the course.

 Virtual or in-person 5K run/walk to raise awareness. Wear purple and unite together.

Or use the resource links below for other activities:

Hazing Prevention Resources

Gordie Center Prevention Toolkit

Thursday, Sept. 22  - National GORDIEday,  4:00 - 5:30 PM EDT

Susie Bruce, M.Ed., Director and Carl Reisch, Robert Tipton Jr. Hazing Prevention Coordinator, University of Virginia Gordie Center, present “Alcohol & Hazing.“ This interactive program educates students on the relationship between alcohol and hazing, demonstrates how to measure a standard drink in our “bartender school,” and teaches students to identify the signs of alcohol overdose using “PUBS.” Students will leave the program motivated to be active bystanders by monitoring impaired peers for signs of overdose, never leaving anyone alone to sleep it off, and intervening when they are concerned about hazing.

Friday, Sept. 23

 HazingPrevention.Org marks its 15th Anniversary - help HPO celebrate its 15th birthday by honoring your commitment to raise awareness and end hazing:

 Here are some ideas!

 Share "Kind Cards" with those you know - and especially with those you don't know!

Host team-building games and activities and share photos on social media, using the hashtag #StrongerTogether as a show of solidarity to end hazing.

Highlight your participation on HPO’s social media and tag HazingPrevention.Org.

Spread Kindness - In remembrance of Gordie Bailey and others, whose own personal acts of kindness inspire us to do the same as we reach the end of #NHPW22 and move on to the year ahead, with resolve and awareness.

We never know what someone else is dealing with, and sometimes an act of kindness can be a light for someone else. Often, it is the smallest gestures that matter most!

 Pay it Forward – Pay for someone in back of you in the coffee line.

 Do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return.

 Always look out for your friends.