Statement from Hazing Prevention.Org President Marc Mores regarding recent student deaths

The HazingPrevention.Org (HPO) community joins in mourning the recent losses of Stone Foltz and Adam Oakes – two young lives full of promise that were tragically cut short in apparent hazing incidents. We are heartbroken for the unfathomable loss suffered by their families and friends.

Hazing is a crime in most states. Regardless of what “traditions” are associated with a fraternity, sports team, club or other student organizations, hazing is never acceptable. We must all step forward to create safer environments for our students. As students return to their high school and college campuses, it’s critical for anti-hazing education and conversations to be at the forefront. At HPO, we remain committed to our work to prevent these activities by continuing to educate students about the dangers of hazing and working with policymakers to support anti-hazing legislation. We’re striving to help promote campus cultures where students refuse to participate in these harmful and dangerous activities and feel empowered to call it out where it exists.

HPO expresses our deepest condolences to the families of Stone Foltz and Adam Oakes, and they remain in our thoughts and prayers. However, we know that’s simply not enough. For us to see meaningful change, we must continuously come together to help ensure that no other family experiences this unimaginable pain.