Hazing Prevention

HPO Summer Webinar Series

HazingPrevention.org Presents Free Summer Webinar Series

Thanks to COVID-19, we are all more familiar with a public health model that emphasizes the overall health of the public, and focuses on prevention and intervention. The HazingPrevention.org Summer Webinar series will offer a variety topics that will help guide participants on how to develop or enhance hazing prevention strategies and interventions on their campus.

The challenge of where to even start has become even more complex with campuses having to contend with virtual and on-campus scenarios as related to COVID-19 as well as traditional challenges prior to the pandemic.

Through this webinar series participants will learn how to
  • Apply the public health model to hazing prevention and intervention efforts on their campus
  • Conduct a risk and protective factor analysis to help create a culture of hazing prevention
  • Facilitate healthy, safe, and positive culture change in their Fraternity and Sorority communities
  • Explore how cognitive biases may influence hazing and what can be done to address them
  • Help parents address heightened anxieties during the pandemic as well as broader questions about keeping your children safe as they return to school this fall.