Hazing Prevention




HazingPrevention.Org™ sponsors the prestigious Grant for Innovation in Campus Hazing Prevention and Education. The grant provides funding to one selected campus to help that campus develop, implement and assess a comprehensive and innovative hazing prevention and education program.

Originally, the Grant was an award recognizing a campus which had already developed and implemented such a program. Florida State University, University of Kentucky, Drexel University and College of William and Mary were the first four recipients of the award. In 2013, the focus was changed from an award for past efforts to a grant that would help campuses develop and implement innovative, comprehensive hazing prevention programs.

The Campus Grant seeks to:

  • Motivate education stakeholders to counter hazing on their campuses;
  • Recognize and reward the good work of campuses that understand the prevention model and are developing effective prevention practices;
  • Encourage campuses to initiate comprehensive and innovation efforts to prevent hazing;
  • Promote the most effective practices in hazing prevention, and;
  • Provide campus hazing prevention leadership with leverage to create campus buy-in for further development.

Developing programs eligible for the grant should:

  • Create collaboration across the institution;
  • Be holistic in nature and focus on a wide range of audiences both within and external to the campus;
  • Be supported by senior-level administration with a plan for institutionalization and an ongoing commitment of financial and human resources;
  • Be grounded in research, incorporate the hazing prevention model and be assessed for future evolution for future evolution and improvement;
  • Include short- and long-term planning initiatives for wellness and community safety, and;
  • Be strategic about how the grant funds will be used to fully implement efforts.

Previous Campus Grant Recipients:

2015: Due to a sponsor change, which funds this grant, there will not be a 2015 award given.
2014: Lehigh University
2013: College of William and Mary
2012: Drexel University
2011: University of Kentucky
2010: Florida State University