National Hazing Prevention Week 2022 - It's A Wrap! But the Work Continues...


Thank you to everyone who participated in #NHPW22. The theme of #StrongerTogether applies to all our efforts to educate people about the dangers of hazing and to prevent hazing at all institutions. We want to thank our webinar partners, Archie Messermith-Bunting, Susie Bruce, and Carl Reisch for your great presentations during the week.

Most of all, we thank the students, educators, administrative professionals, coaches, and everyone else who took part in the week.


For those of you who missed some of the programs, here is a list of resources and tools avaiable from our friends at The Gordie Center. 

 And while the week is over, it's never too late to #TakeThePledge!

Take the Pledge Today!

 We invite students, educators, administrators, parents, siblings, and friends to TAKE THE PLEDGE  to show your support for hazing prevention and share how YOU will spread the word about hazing education and prevention and become STRONGER TOGETHER!!


Honor our 15th Anniversary

We also want to thank evryone who donated during #NHPW22. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference in allowing us to continue to advance HPO's mission.

We will continue to celebrate this milestone anniversary through the end of the year, and we ask that you consider supporting HPO by donating what you can - $5, $15, $150, or $1,500.  Any level of support will allow us to advance hazing education, awareness, and prevention! Visit the donation portal here