Hazing Prevention

Webinar: Mentoring for Hazing Prevention – Dr. Ron Binder

Mentoring for Hazing Prevention

A Webinar by Dr. Ron Binder




The phrase it takes a village is a good metaphor for preventing hazing on a college campus. One area that has the potential to move the needle on hazing and other issues too is mentoring. Today’s students are more open to having a positive relationship with a mentor than at nearly any other time. This creates a fruitful area for mentorship that helps find alternative ways to bring in new members to our student organizations and athletic teams. Mentoring is something that appeals to the mentors as well, in the form of a positive relationship with those younger than them that allows them to give back. Sigma Phi Epsilon has engaged in a process over the past few years that has seen some positive results. Older generations have responded to the call to reach out in a semi-structured way to younger members. These relationships have provided the type of connection and advice that is perhaps missing in our undergraduate environments currently.  Such programs need some structure and a good quarter back to ensure the process is beneficial to both parties. When done right mentoring can be an effective tool in hazing prevention.


Participants will be able to identify the key components of a quality mentor program

Participants will be able to identify best practices for mentors and mentees

Participants will be able to identify resources to hazing prevention


Ron Binder, Ed.D. has been a Fraternity/Sorority Advisor for 30 years and currently serves as the Associate Dean of Students at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. He has served as the national president of the Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors where he was recently honored with the Shaffer Award. He is in his 16th year as a national board member of Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society, and he has served in a variety of volunteer and leadership roles within his own national fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon which also recognized him as a Distinguished Alumnus. He has published numerous articles on Greeks and Risk Management and appeared in Newsweek, Court TV, NPR and on NBC Nightly News talking about these issues.