Hazing Prevention

Webinar – Planning for National Hazing Prevention Week – Sarah Wild

Planning for National Hazing Prevention Week

A Webinar by Sarah Wild – May 3rd, 2018


Each year, communities and organizations across the country observe National Hazing Prevention Week, but how can hosting NHPW help contribute to measurable change in communities? What role does NHPW play in your year-round hazing prevention plan? What strategies can you follow to ensure you have an effective, engaging and meaningful National Hazing Prevention Week? This webinar will discuss just that!


  • Participants will understand the purpose of National Hazing Prevention Week.
    Participants will learn basic steps to plan a NHPW in their community/at their organization.
    Participants will know where to access prevention resources.
    Participants will be able to better identify meaningful examples of year-round prevention initiatives.





Sarah Wild is a National Certified Counselor, with a professional background in fraternity/sorority advising and career counseling. She is an active volunteer for inter/national fraternities and sororities and HazingPrevention.Org. Although she is originally from New York, she currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her golden retriever, Oliver.