Hazing Prevention

Webinar – Creating Your Prevention Plan – Tijuana Julian, Ph.D. & Mark Fisher

Creating Your Prevention Plan

A Webinar By: Tijuana Julian, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Student Affairs Mark Fisher, Director of Athletics Drury University – June 27th at 2 p.m. EST 





The physical and emotional impact of hazing is undeniable. Students have reported that 71 percent of those who are hazed suffer from negative consequences. Hazing has a profound negative impact on those who experience it, and this weakens the fabric of the university community as a whole. In January 2017, following a reported hazing incident involving members of the Drury University’s swimming and diving team, President J. Timothy Cloyd directed that a committee be formed to study current university policies and procedures regarding hazing incidents on campus. In addition, President Cloyd tasked this committed with developing a comprehensive plan for Drury’s campus that would, at a minimum, significantly improve efforts to prevent hazing of Drury students, but with the ultimate goal of eradicating hazing not only on Drury’s campus but college and university campuses across the country.
This session will outline the initial steps taken by the committee to identify the various components. The overall framework of the plan centered on student ownership, education, implementation, measurement, and delivering the model to internal and external constituents. Furthermore, the session will also outline the work completed by 16 subcommittees that became the foundation of the comprehensive plan.



Tijuana Julian, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Student Affairs

Tijuana Julian was appointed to her current position in 2004 after serving as a Professor of Music and Department Chair for six years during which she implemented Drury’s successful Music Therapy Program. Her experiences in academic as well as student affairs provides a unique perspective of the total student experience and reinforces her belief in the importance of educating the whole person.



Mark Fisher, Director of Athletics Drury University

Mark Fisher has been at Drury for just three years, and in that time has instituted the addition of new NCAA (wrestling) as well as club sports programs (bowling and bass fishing). He also hired the first full-time men’s and women’s track and field coach. He has three decades of involvement with athletics at the high school level prior to Drury and was inducted into the Springfield Sports Hall of Fame in 2015.