Hazing Prevention

Webinar – Cultural Considerations for Hazing Prevention Efforts

Now is the Time for Change: A Research-based Approach to Hazing Prevention for Culturally-based Fraternal Organizations (CBFOs)

A webinar By: Suzette Walden Cole & Rasheed A. Cromwell, Esq.



International organizations and host campuses jointly play an essential role in addressing chapter conduct, as that contributes to the perception of the overall organization’s culture. Determining whether an individual, organization or both should be held accountable can be quite challenging in conduct cases involving hazing. While processes were changed to “eliminate pledging”, we know that you cannot change regulations alone and expect that cultural change will follow. In this session, we take a deep look into research-based approaches to hazing prevention within culturally-based fraternal organizations (CBFOs). Now is the time for change to occur within our communities to safeguard the longevity of the CBFO experience.


  • Participants will understand the basis for approaching hazing from a prevention-based framework
  • Participants will gain knowledge to craft better prevention education and responsive accountability procedures
  • Participants will increase their understanding as it relates to the unique historical perspectives of culturally-based fraternal organizations and the potential impact that it may have on new member processes, especially as it relates to hazing prevention/intervention





Rasheed Ali Cromwell, Esq. is one of the leading authorities on fraternity and sorority life. Through the Harbor Institute, he has presented dynamic keynote speeches, interactive and engaging training sessions, and consulting for thousands of students and administrators at over 235 colleges and universities in 37 states. As a licensed attorney he specializes in and consults regional and national CBFO leadership on hazing prevention as well as cultural competency, leadership development and recruitment/retention for culturally based fraternities and sororities.



Suzette Walden-Cole, M.Ed., is a professional speaker, consultant and global educator, having worked with audiences from across Europe, Asia, The Pacific as well as North America. She is the Lead Consultant with the Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative, and a member of the Cross Cultural Fraternal Advisors Institute Collaborative focused on supporting culturally-based fraternal organizations (CBFOs). Given her expertise, Suzette serves as an expert witness in cases involving hazing within CBFOs. She is finishing up her doctorate at Illinois State University, where she also worked for 10 years in a variety of positions, including the Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.