Hazing Prevention

About the Institute


The HazingPrevention.Org Institute provides participants with a framework for developing a prevention plan that fits their unique situation. As research on hazing advances (albeit slowly), we can more clearly identify the risk and protective factors for hazing behavior. In this two-and-a-half-day program, we will share models for success that have worked on other issues such as drinking and driving and smoking cessation, as well as success stories from practitioners in the field of education.

This program is designed for (and most successful with) an interdisciplinary team. That is why we offer a substantial discount for teams of four or more representing different areas. We recognize that budgets won’t always allow for this, and individual participants are also welcome.  Students with a passion for hazing prevention are also invited to attend, but this program is not appropriate as a sanction for hazing discipline. This is not an educational experience for individuals about why hazing is wrong. Participants should come already knowing that, and with the determination to develop a plan for preventing it on their campus or within their organization.

Those who complete the curriculum will leave with all the tools for creating a plan of action to prevent hazing.

Some suggestions for your team: (an * indicates both) Please note: this list is not meant to be exhaustive; only to provide some guidance as to positions that would add to your team.



Student Affairs Practitioners           Staff
Deans of Students Chapter Services
Student Activities & Leadership Risk Management
Fraternity & Sorority Life General Counsel
Residence Life Education
Student Conduct Prevention
Assessment Leadership Consultants
Recreation/Club Sports
Health and Safety Volunteers/Leadership
Campus and community police National Officers
Counseling Services *Local Advisors
Wellness Education Regional Volunteers/Officers
Prevention & Education
Health & Wellness Advocates
SAAC Members
Student Athlete Development
Sports Medicine
Performing Arts
Band, Theater and Choir reps