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An Open Letter to the Broncos and the NFL


Aug 18


HPO logo August 15, 2018

An Open Letter to the Broncos and the NFL:

Really, Broncos, really? People, especially kids, look up to and try to emulate what the Broncos players do, and now those same kids might think that forcing teammates to get their heads shaved is OK. Glorifying the abuse of rookies working to be part of the team does not lead to bonding, nor wins.

While the actions of the players probably do not violate Colorado law, the Broncos organization should be ashamed of itself. College, high school, and elementary school athletes around the country, but maybe not in Colorado, would be prohibited from playing, and be subject to school discipline, if they pulled this stunt. So much for being role models. It is time for Colorado to change its laws, and for the professional players to start acting as mature, responsible adults.

And shame on Bleacher Report for posting the video and making light of the abuse. This type of media outlet would be the first to vilify and condemn a high school or college team caught hazing, so why is it ok to post this with a laughing emoji? #hazingishazing #dobetter


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