Hazing Prevention

#40Answers Campaign

2016 #40Answers Campaign

40 Common Excuses For Hazing

In partnership with Sigma Nu Fraternity, HazingPrevention.Org is pleased to announce the 7th annual #40Answers Campaign. For each of the 40 days leading up to National Hazing Prevention Week (September 19 – 23, 2016), one commonly heard excuse for hazing will be posted via the Twitter accounts for HazingPrevention.Org (@PreventHazing) and Sigma Nu Fraternity (@SigmaNuHQ).

Participating in the campaign is easy! First, follow @PreventHazing and @SigmaNuHQ to see the hazing excuse for each day. Second, post your answer to that excuse using your personal or organization’s Twitter account. Note all Twitter posts should include the #40Answers hashtag so the conversation can be easily followed. Lastly, follow the conversation by searching Twitter for posts tagged with “#40Answers”.

#40SquareThe list below outlines the 40 commonly heard excuses for hazing that will be used for this year’s #40Answers Campaign. The first excuse will be posted via the HazingPrevention.Org (@PreventHazing) and Sigma Nu Fraternity (@SigmaNuHQ) Twitter accounts on August 10, 2016.

All are encouraged to participate. Just be sure to include the #40Answers hashtag in your response posts so others can easily follow the conversation.

(1) August 10: We can’t just allow anyone into our group/team/organization. We can’t make it too easy.

(2) August 11: These kids have to earn their way into this team/organization. They have to learn to appreciate it.

(3) August 12: They have it easy compared to what I went through. It used to be much worse.

(4) August 13: Other teams/organizations/chapters won’t respect us if we don’t haze.

(5) August 14: This is college. This is when we’re supposed to do stupid stuff/get in trouble.

(6) August 15: Professional sports teams do the same thing. It’s on ESPN, and they never get in trouble.

(7) August 16: Hazing builds better members. It breaks them down so we can make them stronger.

(8) August 17: No one ever goes to jail for hazing. It’s just a scare tactic.

(9) August 18: We’ve always done it this way. It’s a tradition.

(10) August 19: Hazing unites organizations/teams. It brings us together.

(11) August 20: It was just a funny prank and went viral so it’s obviously okay.

(12) August 21: We won’t get caught. We know how to keep it secret.

(13) August 22: Hazing teaches freshmen/rookies to respect the upperclassmen.

(14) August 23: The school only has a hazing policy because they have to for liability reasons. They don’t enforce it.

(15) August 24: Hazing made me a better person.

(16) August 25: This is just part of becoming a member of a sports team/organization/fraternity/sorority.

(17) August 26: I don’t think _______ is hazing. People are too sensitive these days.

(18) August 27: Another group/team asked us to haze their members. We wouldn’t do that to our own members/teammates.

(19) August 28: My organization/team does lots of great things. Why is hazing such a big deal?

(20) August 29: Only fraternities/sororities haze so I don’t have to talk to our members/team/students about it.

(21) August 30: No one is going to die from _______. We would stop before anyone gets hurt.

(22) August 31: You hazed in your organization/team, why should I listen to you?

(23) September 1: I’m not the captain/president/new member educator; I can’t change anything.

(24) September 2: My team/organization doesn’t haze. Who cares what other groups/teams do?

(25) September 3: Our coach/advisor/parent knows about it and has never said anything about it.

(26) September 4: Hazing helps us weed out members who don’t want or have what it takes to be here.

(27) September 5: The activity has a stated educational purpose, so it’s not hazing.

(28) September 6: We can’t do anything fun anymore. Everything is hazing.

(29) September 7: They wanted to be hazed.

(30) September 8: Our new members/rookies are going to drink anyway. We’re not having them do anything they wouldn’t do on their own.

(31) September 9: Everyone on campus hazes. The members of ____ ____haze worse than we do.

(32) September 10: I had to go through it so the new members/rookies need to do it too.

(33) September 11: Even if we do get in trouble, the school can’t get rid of us; the alumni will stop their donations.

(34) September 12: We [administrators] aren’t responsible for student hazing. We told them not to do it and had them sign a waiver.

(35) September 13: The military hazes. Why can’t we?

(36) September 14: We only haze a little bit.

(37) September 15: We didn’t make the kids do anything physical. We’re not hurting anyone.

(38) September 16: We’re waiting for the seniors to graduate, then we’ll change.

(39) September 17: If I ask staff for help, our organization will be closed or our team will lose its season.

(40) September 18: We gave them the option to not participate. They wanted to do it.