Hazing Prevention

2020 Year in Review…

2020 Year in Review…
While 2020 has been a trying year filled with many challenges, we are resilient and capable of rising to any challenge placed in front us. In the face of a world wide pandemic, social unrest, and political division, HazingPrevention.Org has risen to the challenge of remaining visible while raising awareness of the dangers of hazing and it’s consequences.
This year we hosted a free Summer Webinar Series, and National Hazing Prevention Week saw record involvement both virtually and on campuses across the nation. Students participated in campus town halls to raise awareness of anti-hazing rules on their campus and hosted pledge drives which generated over 7,000 individuals signatures for the hazing prevention pledge, which is twice the amount that we had in 2019.
Hazing is still happening, in high schools, We have seen high school athletic teams cancel their entire seasons due to hazing incidents, and students, families and communities suffer as a result of hazing. We have seen parents lose their children to hazing. This is unacceptable.
Early education is the key to prevention, and hazing prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Your help is needed to educate and empower everyone through the programs, educational materials and resources we provide. We hope that you continue to join us in this fight to end hazing in 2021 as we continue to offer quality programming and resources that will empower you to have tough conversations and create a hazing free environment.